Should you count calories



Should you count calories?

Myself and the much-beloved have started to count our calorific intake in order to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle. It’s not that what we used to eat was really bad, it’s just that we could have eaten a little better.

A lot of people go on diets, but I prefer to think of what we’re doing as being a ‘Lifestyle change’ or a ‘Healthy eating plan’. To me the word ‘Diet’ screams of hunger and cravings that eventually get the better of you. This is why we’ve decided to count our calories, rather than reduce our intake. If you reduce the amount of food you eat, you’re going to be hungry, and that never did anyone any good.

A variety of diets

As I was saying earlier, a lot of people go on diets, some use the ketogenic diet to help them lose weight, others use diet pills and some will only eat specific colored foods. The trouble with these diets is that they leave you wanting more, and chances are the participant is going to get fed up with eating a limited diet. When you restrict your intake too much, it’s likely that you’ll be starving your body of some nutrients, which means you have the potential to fall ill. If you restrict your calorific intake, but eat plenty of food while remaining below a certain calorific figure each day, you’re likely to lose weight and keep it off.

Why we count calories

When we eat a meal that we love, chances are it has a lot of calories in it. The calories will be stored as fat if the energy we consume is not burned off. Lowering our intake of calories ensures that there’s less energy to burn off, which means we’re less likely to put on weight. If we really watch what we eat and we start to count the calories, chances are we’ll lose weight as we’ll be burning more than we eat.

Look after yourself

A lot of people make the mistake of looking after others instead of themselves. This is particularly true for parents who want to give their children everything they need. They are so busy making sure their little one has the latest pack and play with bassinet, the best food and the best clothes that they often neglect to look after themselves.

Now is the time to look after yourself a little bit more. Lose weight by slightly lowering your intake of calories and eating a healthy balanced diet. If you have an existing medical condition or you’re worried about weight loss, just speak to your doctor about it.

Start counting calories, treat yourself once in a while and you’ll be sure to lose weight and feel so much better.


How to Choose a Martial Art to Specialize In



How to Choose a Martial Art to Specialize In

Martial arts are a system of body exercises that one can do and ensure that they are fit for combat. Martial arts is a very common type of activity and the fact that they prepare you for self defense means that they have become quite common these days. There are many types of martial arts that one can choose and specialize in. when you are choosing martial arts exercises and activities to take part in, there are a host of factors that one should always consider so that they can choose what is most suitable for them. It is also important that one chooses the martial arts exercises that they are sure will help them in their lifetime defense and combat strategies. Here are some of the factors that one should consider:

 What is your ultimate objective?

One does not just think of taking part in martial arts without an objective. It is important to know what exactly you want in the kind of martial arts exercises that you choose. If your objective is your health and fitness, then you can choose a myriad of martial arts exercises. Here, you will not have to consider so much of the defense part of the martial arts but the kind of body exercises that the martial arts offer. For the people who want to do the martial arts exercises as part of their cultural traditions, then they will choose what is available in their own country. Then there are some martial arts exercises that can be taken as part of sports. Here, you probably want to take part in the sport so that you can win trophies. If this is the case, then you will have to choose the martial arts with a lot of care and consideration.

Consider your physical ability or limitations

All the martial arts exercises involve a lot of body exercises and movements of the limbs. As such, for one to take part in these exercises, they will have to be physically fit and be able to make the physical maneuvers that are necessary. If one is not acrobatic, then they will for instance find Tai Chi a difficult martial art to take part in. They may however fit well in other martial arts such as Karate or even Tae Kwon Do. The grappling styles of other martial arts such as Judo and Aikido means that one ahs to be fit to manage them. As such, it is always important to consider your age, your physical abilities as well as your ability to make the necessary movements. There are other martial arts that do not have to do with your height or your physique. If you only need to learn the combative styles for self defense, then you may qualify to take part in other forms of martial arts.

The instructor’s qualifications

The success of the martial arts that you will choose will also depend on the qualifications of the teachers who will take you through the exercises. You will need to know how the instructor learn the martial arts and from who. How long has the instructor been studying these martial arts? Where were they trained? Do they have any kind of certification for them to train you and the others? This is a very important consideration since it helps in quality control and better qualification for you.

Your budget

It is also advisable for you to set a budget so that you can afford the uniform and the other equipment that is needed for you to take part in the martial arts. Some arts require a lot of investment in the equipment. Others only need minimal investment. Get to know the kind of supplies that you need to take part in the particular martial art that you will choose. If for instance you need foam sparring supplies, how much will it cost you?

Is Smoking Pipes Healthier Than Smoking Cigarettes


file0001346553859Is Smoking Pipes Healthier Than Smoking Cigarettes?

As we all know, cigarette smoking is harmful to the health of the people who smoke. It is also harmful to the people who inhale the secondary smoke from the smokers. Have you ever asked yourself why smoking cigarettes are harmful to the health of human beings? Well, this has to do with the harmful chemicals that are obtained in the cigarette smoke. Rather, there are some harmful chemicals that are contained in the tobacco that is used to make cigarettes. Cigarettes contain poisons such as ammonia, acetone, arsenic as well as formaldehyde. It also contains lead, tar and many other chemicals; all of which make smoking to be a harmful practice to the body.


General health risks of smoking

Well, there are many health risks that are associated with smoking. When one is aware of these risks, they will consider either stopping smoking or making some decisions that will help them to avoid most of the risks that are involved with smoking. There are a number of cancers that are caused by smoking. Smoking also has other problems that will weaken the bodies of the smokers and as such, one needs to be aware of the risks so that they can either avoid smoking or start using a smoking pipe as a better alternative to the traditional cigarettes. Well smoking tobacco is addictive and as such, one may consider doing so from a smoking pipe, if they can stop smoking cigarettes altogether. Well, there are claims that smoking your tobacco from a pipe has minimal risks when compared to smoking cigarettes. Let us consider these less risks.


Does smoking tobacco from a pipe have health benefits?

There are arguments that smoking tobacco from a pipe has health benefits! Well, whether there are health benefits or it has fewer risks, one would better off start using a pipe as opposed to smoking cigarettes. Some of the research done shows that the pipe smokers who do not inhale will live longer than the non smokers. It is much healthier for the people who smoke to switch to the pipe and so it once a day. This way, they will reduce the risks at come with smoking and at the same time be able to enjoy their tobacco. When compared to cigars and chewing tobacco, the pipe still has significantly less risks and this means that the people who do this should consider smoking a pipe instead. This is due to the fact that the tobacco is constantly in contact with the mouth and this presents much more risks. When compared to smoking pipes, we all know that the tobacco will never come into contact with the sensitive parts of the body like the mouth.


It is true that smoking has many risks. Whether from a pipe or from a cigarette, one needs to be aware of the risks involved. It is also important that people are aware of the possibilities that they have of reducing the risks. When you are well informed, then you will be able to make informed decisions.


Why smoke a pipe?

Now, there are a few positive side effects to smoking. In as much as there are many bad side effects, that are reasons why people will still continue smoking regardless of the risks involved. For the people who smoke pipes, they do this for the kind of relaxation that the pipe gives them. This should actually count as a health benefits in that these people will be less stressed when they smoke their pipes. There are other positive side effects that people claim to have gotten from smoking, especially pipes. It is said that some people get some kind of pain relief from their pipes. If this is the case, then a pipe should be considered as a much less riskier from of smoking than the traditional smoking.

How the Food We Eat Affects Our Health and Wellbeing

In most cases, we are determined by what we eat. Eating healthy foods translates into good health. On the other hand, eating a poor diet does lead to poor health. What is healthy food? A good diet is the one that contains all the necessary food nutrients that the body requires. Our body is made up of millions living cells that need to feed. For growth and development, we need food. To be able to fight diseases, we need good food to boost our immune system. Similarly, to be able to heal from diseases, we need the right food that restores our energy. Continue Reading…

Is Smoking Really Harmful To Your Health?

Before you buy the wood tobacco pipes and start smoking, it may be good for you to know the health dangers that come with smoking, if any. It is important that all people have facts before they start or continue smoking so that they can know the steps to take when they will want to stop smoking. There have been very many campaigns all over the world to discourage people from smoking. Well, this may not have been good news for the tobacco industry. However, without the facts, it may not be necessary to tell people to stop smoking. We want to examine some of the facts about smoking and the effects that it has on the people who use tobacco products. In this discussion, smoking does not necessarily refer to the people who smoke only. The people who inhale the secondary smoke from the real smokers are also passive smokers. Continue Reading…

Reason Why We Must Take Charge of Our Health

Our health should be of great concern if we want to live a fulfilling life. We can never be happy while in ill health. Taking charge of our health should therefore come automatically. This starts with proper eating. Being careful about what you put into your mouth is very important. Do not just eat because you have to get full but eat because you are concerned about your health. Eating a balanced diet therefore should be every person’s concern. What is a balanced diet? This is a diet that contains all the nutrients that the body requires for proper growth and functioning. These include carbohydrates for providing the energy needed by the body to work, proteins, fats, vitamins as well as minerals. It is not a matter o having these food nutrients on the plate but rather we must ensure that they are there in their right quantities. Too much of these nutrients will cause problems while too little will lead to deficiencies. However, it is not every type of food that provides these nutrients is good for the body. We must identify the right foods that the body requires. For example, we must discern between bad fats and good fats o as to avoid some of the problems caused by the bad cholesterol in the body. Continue Reading…